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important chat goes unanswered.
Categorize your chats
Use inboxes to sort your chats into network, customers or leads. Use phases to differentiate between new, interested and uninterested leads.
Your messages. Your data.
Protecting your privacy is a top priority for us and one of our most important tasks. That's why your messages are processed on your device and never on our servers.
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Recruiter & Sales Navigator will be available in 3 weeks.
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Flamingo AI turns bullet points into a full LinkedIn message.

The best part: the message sounds like you. Flamingo AI adopts the writing style of your last messages.
Flamingo AI will be available in 3 weeks.
Spend half as much time with LinkedIn messages
Your data is safe.
Your messages are never stored on the Flamingo servers.
They are only processed on your computer and by LinkedIn.
Flamingo is financed by a subscription, not by your data.
Frequently asked questions

What is Flamingo?


Flamingo is a Chrome extension for LinkedIn. The alternative messenger is integrated directly into LinkedIn, you will find it instead of the previous messenger. In the normal LinkedIn Messenger, everything is still displayed as normal and you can use it in parallel.
With Flamingo you can categorize your chats better, remove spam with one click, always keep track with the to-do system and much more.

Is Flamingo free of charge?


During the two-week trial period, you can use Flamingo with all its functions. You do not need to enter any payment details. After that, you can choose one of the price models.

Is my LinkedIn account secure?


Yes, we don't touch messages. That means your conversations stay between you and LinkedIn, Flamingo just changes the look of your Messenger. This happens on your device, so messages never end up on our servers. We don't know anything about your chats except which inbox they are in (for synchronization between devices).
Risk for your LinkedIn account? Not at all. Since we only change the appearance, it looks to the LinkedIn server as if you simply click on a LinkedIn button. So there is no risk for your account.

Can I use Flamingo on all devices?


All your inboxes, reminders & co are synchronized in your account between all your devices with Flamingo.
Flamingo is a browser extension for Chrome and can be used on desktop devices (computers). We do not currently offer an app for smartphones.

Are my Recruiter/Sales Navigator chats integrated?


Soon. We are currently working on an integration that is expected to be ready in two weeks.

Do you have any questions? Write to us: or via Whatsapp on +49 160 9864 3345
Do you have any questions or feedback?
+49 160 9864 3345
+49 160 9864 3345